The best places to have coffee in Barcelona

One of the reasons why Barcelona is such a lively city is the rich presence of bars and cafes in every street. People love enjoying the warm climate, chatting with friends or colleagues while having good coffee together and it is important to choose the right place for an important meeting or date.

OMA Bistrot

This curious place is the perfect mix between a modern restaurant and a familiar bistro with its traditional cuisine. Every moment of the day is perfect to visit this place and people can be sure to find it open every day from 9 am to 9 pm. OMA Bistrot offers a delicious coffee that could be tasted also during a great brunch. During the morning it is frequented by workers who choose to have a meeting on its comfortable sits. In the afternoon a lot of mothers like spending some time in this warm bar situated in Carrer del Consell de Cent 227, because this place is perfect for children too.

Cafe San Marco

Cafe San Marco is the typical Italian style bar, with its rounded tables and marble counter. In this place people can order top quality coffee, choosing between a list of many variations of this famous drink, according to the Italian tradition. One of the best suggestions is to try “Mini cappuccino”, that is always a delightful option. The service is kind and quick and clients can stay there all the time they want, for example to read the news or write a letter.  It is located in the elegant district of Sarrià, in Carrer del Pedró de la Creu 15.

La Nena

This is the perfect place to spend the rest of a Saturday afternoon, after visiting the amazing district of Gracia. La Nena is a vegan bar set in Carrer Ramόn y Cajal 36, where food and drinks are truly made with love. It is famous for its hot chocolates and delicious pieces of cake, but they also serve high quality coffee in which clients can add three different kinds of milk. People at La Nena can play games without worrying about the time, because there is no hurry and “it is allowed to share the table”, as a picture hung on the wall says.


Sometimes obvious choices are the best ones and according to that, the time at Starbucks is always well spent. In Barcelona there are about 20 shops where you can have a rest, take some time for you and enjoy free Wi-fi, in addition to a long list of coffees and desserts for every taste.

There are two Starbucks shops in Barcelona that you should not miss. The first one is located in Avinguda Diagonal 640: it is the perfect place for a work meeting as it is wide, relaxing and elegant. The second one takes place in Plaza Universitat 2, where students and friends like to have a chat in a comfortable and familiar setting, or simply to observe the busy life outside of the window from a small point of view.


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