Live Music in Barcelona

Barcelona is the city where inspiration, creativity and culture live together and music is probably their main expression. People who lives in Barcelona can enjoy live music shows every day and tourists should not miss the occasion to participate in such kind of special nights.

Palau de la Musica Catalana


This place will surprise you for two different reasons: first of all because of its amazing architecture and then because it is not what it seems. This palace is not only a marvelous theater built in 1905 that can be visited outside and inside; it is also the place where traditions meet the modern society through incredible performances of live music, which “invites audiences to experience musical emotions which will enhance their life in these difficult times”.

The Palau de la Musica Catalana is located in Carrer Palau de la Música 4-6, near the subway station “Urquinaona”.

 Sala Rock Sound

Not far from the famous Razzmatazz, Sala Rock Sound is the perfect place for the ones who don’t like following fashions and just want to have fun for free. This bar is small and dark, but never empty: expert barmen and barwoman will prepare every cocktail you ask for or simply open your favorite bier, while you are assisting to a great rock music concert. If your soul is rock you only need to check out the events on their web site and then reach Carrer Almogavèrs 116 in Barcelona!

Pipa Club


This is the perfect place for people who desire to spend a relaxing Sunday night while tasting a glass of red wine, surrounded by good live jazz music. The atmosphere there is elegant and profound, even if time after time becomes more sparkling: this means that the jam session has started. In this occasion, people from the public can join the musicians, playing their own instrument and the result is always incredible. The Pipa Club has recently moved to the second floor of a building in Carrer Santa Eulalia 21 and to get there is necessary to ring the bell.

La Taverna de Barcelona

La Taverna de Barcelona is a touristic place where clients can order enormous drinks: the quality of the cocktails is not the best choice in Barcelona, but nobody cares because this bar every night hosts a great performance of live music that is always hard to forget. You can enjoy the band or the singer of the night going to Ronda Universitat 37.

Harlem Jazz Club

The money you’ll spend to enter the Harlem Jazz Club of Barcelona will be well invested. This precious place embraces a bar with some sits and a stage where a show of live music takes place every night. The price of the ticket is between 6 and 10 euros and it includes also a drink. The main genres of music played in this club are blues and swing but there could be organized night of pop and latin music. You can find Harlem Jazz Club in Carrer de Comtessa de Sobradiel 8.


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