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I am passionate about writing and the Italian language. I am always looking for interesting collaborations that give me the possibility to write about different topics and feed my curiosity. Here some of my previous works:


“4 + 1 attività romantiche per una luna di miele in California”


“Indecisi sul viaggio di nozze? Le mete da non perdere nel 2019”


“Barcellona: Palau Guell”


“Truffe e minacce informatiche attraverso la posta elettronica: sarà una cipolla a salvarci da #Wannacry “


La scelta del migliore provider e datacenter per un imprenditore”


5 idee per menù di nozze autunnale: tutti a tavola!”


“Voglia di un banchetto di nozze mediterraneo? Provate con una di queste proposte!”


“Quanti soldi hai nel portafoglio?”

Fake new written for a workshop organized by After festival

italian copywriter stories

Un sabato a Zagabria, da sola”


L’unione civile di Erica e Silvia: un sogno divenuto realtà”


Fedi nuziali in titanio: il parere degli esperti”


Non solo datacenter: i servizi internet di Naquadria raccontati da una nostra cliente”


Content for social media
  • Videos realized for the association Ocean Znanja in order to promote European values.
    [Videos realized with Adobe Premiere ]

  • Events promotion: I realized both text and graphic.

  • Instagram posts created to engage the target group of the association (Millenials) – I made also 5 stories per day.
    [ period: January – February 2019]
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Ciao a tutti! Bok! Here is Barbara speaking and I am so sad to announce that this is the last time. My amazing EVS came to the end and I couldn't be more satisfied with the colorful days that I spent with Ocean Znanja. Do you want to know for the last time what I did for the fist time? Let's go! I prepared I special list for you… ✨ 1. I realized that flowers are everywhere in Zagreb and that I love the vitality that all the flower markets that take place in the streets give to the city. 🏵️ . 2. I lived a special night that will be forever irreplaceable.🌌 . 3. I tried home-made Sarma for the first time (and Martin couldn't prepare a better Sunday dinner for us!!!)🍛 . 4. I had an amazing meeting about Croatian culture with Mihaela and I realized that I like sculpures (and I pay attention to them in the city) more than I thought.🗽 . 5. I found out that Zagreb can always surprise me with new pieces of street art.🌈 . 6. I realized that the preparation of a lesson requires efforts, no matter if it is just a movie night.🎥 . 7. I understood that this experience tought me to be more curious about all the different way to express ourselves that we have, like music, poetry and sex.🎼 . 8. I realized that, even if I told Lola that I never cry when It's time to say goodbye, this time I would probably fail.🎭 . 9. I realized that love lives with people who can see the beauty in every human being.💕 . 10. I realized that making a 10 things list during the week is healthy. It keeps me focused on what is happening around me and in my life in general, giving more sense to my actions.👁️ . Thank you!!!! . #EVS #oceanznanja #Zagreb #eufluencer

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